Workplace Investigations

How to resolve your workplace issues quickly and fairly

Trying to resolve serious complaints internally can take a lot of time and may place extra pressure on your team. Plus, how can you be sure you are assessing the situation with true objectivity and in a way that reduces risk?


Wise Workplace Solutions has a highly experienced team of legally qualified and licensed investigators who will provide you with effective, independent investigation services.

Our approach

We will ensure that:

Your investigation is scoped correctly

All parties’ expectations are managed appropriately

Your investigation is conducted efficiently and cost-effectively

Conflict is de-escalated wherever possible

You are acting in a procedurally fair and legally defensible manner

You are able to make sound decisions once the investigation is over

If required, we can make recommendations on post-investigative strategies and assist you with the implementation.

The specific experience you need

Our specialist investigators regularly conduct workplace investigations into a wide variety of matters, including:


Sexual harassment






We also run half day and full day workshops on how to conduct investigations, and advise other HR practitioners on how to manage complex investigations.