Reviews and Health Checks

Proactively identifying and solving workplace issues

We recognise that it can be difficult for workplaces to internally diagnose dysfunction or problems, particularly where the issues are complex, historically intractable, or where employees do not feel comfortable raising concerns internally.


Workplace cultural reviews and health checks will assist you to gain an in-depth understanding of the broad range of workplace problems that may be occurring in an area within your organisation, the reasons for these problems, and how best to address these issues. The goal of these reviews is to improve your workplace in a practical and sustainable way.


Our approach

We will initially discuss with you whether a workplace cultural review is appropriate in the circumstances, or might warrant an alternative resolution path, for example, an investigation into a specific set of complaints.


If a workplace review is agreed, we will then assist you and your management team to communicate the purpose of the review and process to be followed.


Our approach is centred on speaking directly on a one on one basis with a broad cross-section of relevant staff members to understand their perspectives and any concerns relating to their workplace across a range of workplace issues, including management, workplace culture, role satisfaction, communication and morale.


We will prepare advice for you summarising relevant information in a sensitive and de-identified manner as appropriate, and providing a detailed assessment and set of recommendations to assist the organisation in improving the workplace environment. If required, our consultants may work closely with you to support the communication and implementation of recommendations in the workplace.