Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Avoid litigation and resolve conflict amicably

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution are an effective way to resolve workplace disputes, improve working relationships and enhance long-term business productivity.


Why use an external mediator?

People are likely to feel more comfortable with an external mediator. They may be more willing to discuss issues openly and honestly – and without fear of reprisal. At the outset, we will spend time with you to discuss whether mediation – or another resolution path – is the most appropriate way of resolving a particular workplace conflict.


If mediation is agreed, our mediator will then spend time with each participant individually to explain the process and understand the issues and what they seek to gain from the process. The participants will then be brought together by the mediator to engage in a facilitated discussion in which each outlines directly to the other participant their own perspective while also being encouraged to understand the other’s perspective. Discussions will be held in which resolution paths will be explored, with a view to reaching a voluntary and mutually acceptable set of outcomes to resolve the conflict in question.


Our mediators are highly experienced in creating a neutral and respectful mediation environment in which practical and forward-looking outcomes are encouraged. The organisations we work with value us highly for our simple and effective conflict resolution approach which achieves sustainable agreed outcomes wherever possible.


Our team

Wise Workplace Solutions has a team of nationally accredited mediators and trained conflict coaches (led by Managing Director Karen Wise). Our team has helped many organisations resolve workplace conflict in a manner that is both sustainable and avoids litigation.